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Letter From the Pastor

There is nothing more natural than to think of yourself as the good guy in your life’s story. I know that ever since I was a child I thought of myself that way. This way of thinking continued for me on into High School. One evening I was reading the book of Romans as a skeptical young man and I read these words: “None is righteous, no, not one” (Rom. 3:10). The words struck me painfully. I wasn’t the good guy. I wasn’t the hero of my life’s story. I was its saboteur! The acknowledgement that I was the villain and not the hero of my life was a turning point for me, and it is for everyone who comes to understand their need of a Savior.

Realizing that God is holy and must punish sin if He is to be a good judge is bad news to sinners. The good news is that Christ came to save sinners (1 Tim. 1:15). As people who realize that we have violated God’s covenant with mankind there could be no greater news than to know that God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ, came to pay the penalty that sinners like you and I deserve. There is no one in the history of mankind more noble, caring, and gracious than the Lord Jesus Christ, whom the Scriptures say “loved us and gave himself for us.” This is why we sing his praises every day of our lives and every week together in corporate worship.

Pearl Presbyterian Church is a gathering of such people who know themselves to be sinners in need of a Savior. We come from different places and various backgrounds, but the one thing above all else that unites us together is that we know and admit we are sinners who cling by faith to Christ the Savior.

If you are a visitor to this web page, perhaps you have never visited Pearl Presbyterian Church before but you are thinking about it. I want you to know that we pray every week that you will come to worship with us. Our deep desire is for you to come join us, to hear the good news of the Gospel proclaimed, and that you will come enrich our community with your own presence so that we might mutually encourage one another.


PS: You can find directions to our church here. If you'd like to know what to expect during your first visit please click here.