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Your First Visit

IMG_1904We understand that your first time visiting a new church can leave you feeling nervous. In order to help you to feel more comfortable we'd like to let you know what to expect when you come to Pearl Presbyterian Church.



People at Pearl Presbyterian Church dress in all sorts of ways. Some come dressed in suits and ties, but many dress in more casual ways. Everyone, regardless of how they dress is welcome at Pearl Presbyterian Church. The most important thing to God is the heart.


Service Length:

Our service is about an hour long. We always begin the service at 11am and are finished around 12 noon. Likewise, our Sunday evening service begins at 6pm and finishes by 7pm.



We have a nursery where your small children will be watched and cared for by a volunteer from our congregation. We do encourage those with older children to have them sit in on the service, and we don't mind the sound of children during the service. Children are a blessing from the Lord, and many churches would give anything to hear the sounds of children during a service!


IMG_1902 2Greetings:

Don't worry - we won't make you stand up or introduce yourself. When you arrive however, our pastor and elders may be standing at the door to greet you. We'd love to know your name and get to know you, and before and after the service are a great time for us to introduce ourselves!



We take an offering during the service as part of our worship to God. If you are a visitor, please don't feel any pressure to give - we want you to come, hear God's Word, and join us in worshipping the Creator!



We sing from a hymnal, accompanied by piano, organ, and a choir. Our preference is to sing songs that have stood the test of time in the Christian Church. Many of the songs that we sing have been in the church in one form or another for nearly 2,000 years! If you aren't used to using a hymnal, that's okay - we also project the song lyrics up onto a screen if you're more comfortable with that.



The pastor regularly preaches for 25-30 minutes. Because we believe that God's Word is so important, he preaches from the Bible. If you have a Bible of your own feel free to bring it. If you don't, just ask somebody and we'll give you one for your very own. If you'd like to know what our Pastor's preaching sounds like, you can listen on our Sermons page.


Sunday School:

We have Sunday School for all age groups: for children, to pre-teens, all the way up to high schoolers. We also have an adult Sunday School class. Sunday School runs from 10:15 to 10:45 each Sunday morning. If you don't know where to go, just ask somebody and they will very happily point you in the right direction!



On the second Sunday of every even numbered month we have a church covered dish dinner where people bring food and then share together after the service. If you join us and you're a visitor, we ask that you don't bring any food. Just bring yourselves and your family as we have a great time getting to know one another over a delicious meal.