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End the Spiritual Boom-Bust Cycle


Most experts seem to agree that an economic boom-bust cycle is not ideal, but it is what we’ve lived with for the last hundred years or so in the United States. I wonder how many of us as Christians have decided to live with a boom-bust cycle in our spiritual lives....

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Taking Pleasure in Our Mysterious God

Taking Pleasure in our Mysterious God

We will never fully plumb the depths of God and Who He is. We will never run out of questions. He is an infinite well of joy, pleasure, and mystery....

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Do You Need Reasons to Come to Church on Christmas?


One of the sad realities of the day in which we live is that a small percentage (3%) of American churches are cancelling their Sunday services this year because it happens to fall on December 25th, 2016. We at Pearl Presbyterian Church will be having our morning services on December 25th this year, just as always. I want to share a few reasons why....

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